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tax lawyer

Florida State Tax Lawyer

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the federal government are not the only parties interested in collecting taxes. Tax issues can arise at the state level as well. If you have run into individual or business tax problems in the state of Florida, you need advice from tax professionals who understand how the state system operates. read more

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Florida Employment Tax Attorneys

Employment Tax Attorneys in Florida

If you are a business owner who is experiencing tax problems related to your employees or another aspect of your business, it is important to get help from experienced legal counsel with a reputation for achieving positive results. read more

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IRS Tax Litigation

IRS Tax Litigation Attorneys In Florida

If you are in the middle of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax controversy that may need to be resolved in a courtroom, it is essential to get experienced legal representation in your corner to help prepare for the battle to come. read more

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IRS Audits and Appeals

Florida Attorneys for Audits

An audit conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. These investigations can also be intrusive as auditors bombard taxpayers with a long list of questions concerning specific information that is designed to help their case. That is why it is essential to have an experienced tax law attorney in your corner as soon as you catch wind of an IRS investigation into your tax history.& read more

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