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Installment Agreements

Florida Installment Agreements Lawyer

When payment of back taxes or other tax controversies create financial problems for yourself or your business, it is time to seek experienced legal representation. Do not wait until it is too late.

Florida installment agreements attorney Glen Frost is also a certified public accountant and founder of the Frost & Associates law firm. Our team of Miami tax law professionals can help protect your interests and resolve your tax issues. When the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other tax authorities are confronting you, your problems can feel overwhelming. However, we firmly believe that every tax problem has a solution. We are committed to finding a solution that works best for you.

Helping You Set Up an Installment Agreement Plan

If you are unable to make your IRS payments in full, you typically have the option of setting up an installment agreement plan. When an installment agreement is pending or in force, the IRS is generally prohibited from taking collection actions such as wage garnishment, bank levies and property seizures. The same rules apply to installment plans for state tax purposes.

Recently, the IRS has relaxed its rules concerning installment agreements for taxpayers who owe between $25,000 and $50,000 in taxes. Installment plans are streamlined under the new rules, and longer require the filing of a financial collection information statement (Form 433-A or Form 433-F). However, in order to qualify a taxpayer must set up a direct debit installment agreement. This allows the taxpayer to make repayments over a 72-month period, as opposed to 60 months under the old rules. We can let you know whether this may be the right option for you.

Working to Protect Your Valuable Interests

The IRS determines the amount of installment payments based on the forms provided by the taxpayer. However, the IRS has both local and national standards that it applies to the expenses listed on these forms. Often, this results in collection agents persuading unaware taxpayers that certain expenses that have been claimed are not allowed. This means that taxpayers may end up with an installment plan that falls outside of their budgets. Our legal team will work hard to help negotiate a payment plan that is much more reasonable.

We are available to help guide you through the installment plan process every step of the way. From helping you complete all necessary forms to ensuring that you are not required to pay anymore than is necessary. You can rely on us to help protect your valuable interests.

Contact Our Miami Tax Payment Plan Attorneys

If you have been hit with a back taxes collection notice or are experiencing other financial problems related to a tax dispute, we may be able to help. Contact our Florida installment agreement lawyers online or call 305-414-0494 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

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